Interested in joining the Heartland food program?

Why Choose Heartland?
  • Heartland Child Nutrition has been a non-profit sponsor of the USDA food program for over 30 years. Our experience will work in your favor.

  • The Heartland Regional Representative for your area knows what it's like to be in your shoes. They will assist you with questions and concerns you may have about the program.

  • Child care providers may record and submit their monthly reimbursement claim through an online program or on paper forms. We will assist you in learning the easy online program called KidKare for submitting your monthly food program claims.  There is no charge for the food program section of this online program. (Using paper forms to submit claims is also an option if you do not wish to claim online.) 

  • Each provider receives a handbook to our program that will cover all you need to know as a beginner and as an experienced food program participant. 

  • Providers receive our free newsletter to keep them informed.

  • Every new provider to Heartland Child Nutrition receives a Resource Welcome Bag which includes a buncle of kid's food and nutrition activities.

How much cash reimbursement will I receive?

The reimbursement rates used by all food program sponsors are determined annually by the USDA.  The rates are on a two Tier system.  All providers automatically qualify for the Tier II rates.  To obtain the higher Tier I rates a provider needs to live in a designated Tier I school district or census area, qualify by their household income, or care for children from a qualifying household income. Please call Heartland Child Nutrition for information on whether the location of your childcare home is in a qualifying area. To qualify by household income, see the guidelines here.

The current rates for each enrolled child's meals and snacks are:

Tier I                                    Tier II

Breakfast  $1.31                                                        Breakfast  $.48

Lunch and Dinner  $2.46                                           Lunch and Dinner  $1.48

Snack  $.73                                                               Snack $.20


Providers can be reimbursed for up to 2 meals and 1 snack OR 1 meal and 2 snacks per day per child. Infant through age 13 are eligible. On average, a provider with 7 children in their care, for 5 days a week, will receive reimbursement from $320 - $835 each month. This would be an added income of $3,820 - $10,020 per year!                              



What are other benefits of participating on Heartland Child Nutrition's food program? 
  • Parents, whether perspective or current, know that participation on the food program is an indicator of quality child care.

  • You will be proud that you are contributing to the proper growth and development of children by serving them nutritious foods.  Positive eating habits will follow them for a lifetime.

  • Throughout the year, Heartland delivers a variety of ready-to-go, fun nutrition education activities for the children in your care.  

  • If you are caring for a picky eater, a child with a food-allergy, or any other feeding challenges, our Nutrition Education Director is on hand to offer suggestions.

  • You will have access to FREE nutrition education for yourself and/or staff that will count towards your annual licensing training hours requirements. 

Still have questions? Check out our list of the Frequently Asked Questions or call us - we'll be happy to visit with you. No obligation. 
I'm going to join! How do I start?

Three Easy Steps!

1.  Contact Heartland Child Nutrition at 1-800-366-6793 (ND Only) or 701-250-0140.      


2.  Your Regional Representative will meet with you to complete an application and agreement after reviewing the 

     USDA Child and Adult Care FoodProgram (CACFP) guidelines .

3.  Parents complete child enrollment forms and Heartland receives a copy of your license or self-declaration.

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