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KidKare On-Line Claims

Click here to visit the KidKare website.

Minute Menu KidKare is a computer program to record your menus, meal attendance and other food program related needs online.  It is prefect for the home childcare provider - even if she/he doesn't consider herself/himself to be computer savvy.  There's the option to enter your daily records on your smart phone or tablet....easy!  When you become a provider for Heartland Child Nutrition, you have access to the food program section of Minute Menu KidKare program for FREE!  If you would like a more deluxe version of the program, which has a full accounting system, you can contact Minute Menu at: 927-671-5211.

Heartland is right by your side to help if you need technical assistance. Feel free to contact Dorleen at our office at 701-250-0140 or 1-800-366-6793 (ND Only) or via email at


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